Covid ready


Subconscious Healing is Covid ready for tomorrow. We are ready for our first face2face clients and supervisees in the Barn, it has hand gel, cleaning products, ventilation and seating at the required distance.
Subconscious Healing looks forward to returning to face2face to support children, young people and adults who are struggling.
You can find more details of our services on
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Subconscious Healing will continue to work on zoom for clients and supervisees who wish to carry on.

Apologies, why?


How many times do you think you need that apology, you get it and yet the behaviour continues?
This is often a theme in a therapy sessions, where a client cannot get past the hurt they are feeling until they get that apology from their loved one, their friend or their colleagues. However, then the behaviour continues, maybe the same, maybe slightly different.
Where are you now? Where are they? After all they have apologised for what you asked for.
Sometimes the only way, is for you to change your behaviour and in that they can learn to change theirs.
We cannot expect others to change, to learn or to grow, only you can do that.
How much is that apology really worth?

How can one small canine change somebodies life!

Permission given by the writer to share, Thank you.
Wow, 9 weeks ago my life was turned upside down! The waiting was over and this bundle of fur had landed in my life. I was warned of the sleepless nights, the joys of toilet training and needing to puppy proof my house. Within hours this little man had made himself at home in both my house and my heart.
I struggled big time with the concept of me being his ‘mummy’, how could I be a mum to a dog when I had no children of my own? Surely you have to earn the right to be a mum? Yet I have become his mummy, he looks to me for food, for comfort, for reassurance, for guidance, to be told no and for unconditional love.
He has tested me, but also understands my limitations and needs. I need my sleep so he lies in at weekends and I’m often awake before him. My pain levels may be high some days and on those days he doesn’t jump as much or pull on the lead. Heknows sometimes just curling up on the sofa under a blanket is enough.
My boy is not perfect, he nips, he doesn’t listen, he chews,eats everything in sight, refuses to put his lead on a for a walk yet it’s always me he returns to for love and guidance.
They say dogs can be therapy and in 9 weeks I’ve learnt so much about myself. I’ve had to challenge myself to do things out of my comfort zone (puppy classes are suffered), meeting new people, not being number one, pushing my physical boundaries and accepting that my evenings are often not found. But I’ve also learnt to love walking again, to enjoy the world around me, the colours of autumn, the sun sets (we don’t see sun rises, he is too lazy to be up), the joy of watching a pup play. Having a reason to stop work everyday and take lunch breaks has been refreshing.
Some days I may shout, I may cry, I may wonder what I was thinking taking him on but each and every day he makes me smile, he makes me laugh and he gives the best cuddles and lots of love. So even when things are going wrong or I’ve had a bad day I can finish work and my boy is pleased to see me and wants to spend time with me.
I will end where I started, this pup has made his home in my house and my heart and I wouldn’t be without him and the love he has brought into my life.

A house full of testosterone!


What is it like to be the only female in the house full of boys?

I have been asked before how do you cope with all those boys?

Don’t you feel left out? Football crazy, boys toys crazy?

Doesn’t the toilet seat get on your nerves or their smelly bedrooms drive you mad?

Don’t you miss out on pamper days with daughters or shopping trips to town?

And my answer is always No to all of the above!

Yes I am definately ‘out numbered’ in our house, but that’s ok because this house that we live in is our family home.

We may battle for the bathroom, live with War Hammer models all over the dining table whilst we eat our dinner on our laps, the table that once was pine and now resembles a children’s paint station.

I am amazed of my skills that I have learnt including half asleep walking through a lego minefield, bare footed at 3am, sorting 3 different pairs of socks that belong to different boys with similar sized feet. Learning skills like stick man wars, skate boarding, nerf gun wars, trampoline football and so much more.

Now I know that the bath will always be covered in god knows what unless I clean it, and when men stand up to use the toilet half asleep, well let’s just leave it to your imagination.

But I know this is all OK because one day the house that is full of noise, hustle and bustle, X box and music will be just me and my husband.

My boys will return to tell me their stories but they will never leave lego on the floor or paint on the table. This time is short, precious and I can always buy another table but I can never buy these years.