Counselling for Children and Young People



Being a child or young person brings with it some huge emotions, behaviours and challenges to parents, siblings, extended family and teachers. Our children often struggle to talk about their emotional challenges, the struggles and confusion which they are facing in the fast paced world we are living in. Children and young people may be experiencing anything from cyber bullying, low-self esteem, anger and frustration, to sexual abuse, trauma or domestic violence, special educational needs or emotional or behavioural difficulties. Children react to these pressures in different ways and for some counselling can be a useful tool for helping them find their way through this changing and often turbulent time of their lives.

When your child comes to the therapy room they may be wondering what to expect, they are probably worried who I am and what I am going to say or make them do. From the initial session your child will be offered a safe space to talk about their feelings, thoughts and emotions in a positive and secure environment. By learning to share their worries or problems that they may have, they are able to build their confidence and self-esteem. By utilising creative counselling with your child they are able to explore their emotions whilst exploring better choices, learning to trust and gaining positive control.

Choosing the right counsellor for your child.

For your child to get the most out of their counselling it is important to find the right counsellor for their needs but also to ensure that the counsellor you choose has the suitable qualifications and insurance safeguards for your child’s sessions. I am a qualified counsellor, practicing with a Level 5 Diploma in Counselling Children and Adolescents. Whilst working within private practice I have experience of working with children and young people in various settings and using various modalities. I have experience of working as a school counsellor supporting teenagers and young adults dealing with issues such as:

  • bullying
  • low confidence & self-esteem
  • self harm
  • eating disorders
  • phobias
  • relationship & family issues
  • cultural and religious issues
  • rape and sexual abuse
  • LGBT
  • body issues
  • Grief and loss
  • exam and study issues
  • stress & anxiety
  • addiction
  • suicidal thoughts

This work is both long and short term counselling supporting the client to explore, learn and find a path to progress into their future.


I also have experience of working within the legal system working with children and young people with a vast number of issues. I also work with children and young people who are living within the care system. I have worked for charity and support organisations counselling young individuals.

I have also supported and counselled families and parents within a befriending charity, working with families living with a disability, health issues and who are struggling with difficult circumstances.

I am a fully insured and a registered Member of the BACP, Accredited member of the National Counselling society and a member the National Hypnotherapy society.
I hold an up to date enhanced DBS.
I hold an up to date Safeguarding in Schools Certificate -1739849362 Valid until Sept 2022.
I am registered under the DATA protection act – registration number ZA187932, due to holding sensitive data.

Where to begin?

So, if you would like to come along for a free initial session. This involves both parent/carer and child time to come to the therapy room and meet me, we will work through the counselling contract and this gives your child an opportunity to meet me, see the setting and decide whether she/he feels comfortable and would like to go ahead with the counselling. Within the initial session you will both be given the opportunity to talk through any queries that you may have about counselling.


Brief note about sessions.

During the session your child will be given the opportunity to use varying creative materials such as paints, clay, sand trays and toys to express their emotional thoughts, feelings and behaviours in anyway they feel comfortable. Please be aware of this when dressing your child for therapy that this can be ‘messy play’.


Cancellations, Please can I ask that you give 24 hrs notice of all cancellations. I understand that there are often issues with children’s sickness, ill health and cold and coughs. Whilst I am happy to see a child with a sniffle and a sneeze as with schools I would really appreciate that a child is kept away from session for a minimum of 48 hrs when they are struggling with sickness and diarrhoea. It is also important to remember that a healthy child will work better in session, whilst a poorly child will struggle in session. If I feel that a child is struggling with their health in the session I will advise you that I will bring their session to an end so that you are able to take them home to recuperate.

With regards to the GDPR DATA protection Act 2018, I, Clare Boulton, do agree not to share any information that the client discloses with regards to your DATA protection that you have given to me without your prior written consent. Because counselling concerns the mental health of the client’s well being, it falls under the ‘DATA concerning health’ section of the GDPR regulations, a client’s sensitive information can be stored without the client’s consent. Whilst confidentiality within the session is essential to gain trust with the client, I understand the client is able to give permission for the information not to be shared, Subconscious Healing holds the right to ensure that a client’s safe guarding is upheld within the contract, whereby, If I believe that a client may harm themselves or another person, then I would not be able to maintain confidentiality. This would involve Subconscious Healing informing the client if possible and contacting the relevant safeguarding team to ensure the safety of the client or others. Also, in the event of a breach of national security confidentiality would be broken. As a counsellor my note may be subpoenaed by law.
When working with under 18’s I will be working within the Gillick competent and Fraser guidelines

If you would like to book a Free initial session please email

Telephone 07793116363