The day after no technology


So after a day of no technology how did you fair? Did you manage it?

Well we didn’t do too badly here, I must admit I was pushing it to expect number 3 son to last the whole day, he uses gadgets for sensory release. But I still decided with the extra hour, after a very busy week at work and school and with a busy week ahead of us, we would be enjoying our Sunday without technology.

So how did it go?

Well it was actually really lovely, we went for an adventure in the woods. We were crunching on leaves, watching the birds and enjoying each other’s conversations. Nobody had their heads in their phones, texting, snap- chatting or face booking. No we were just us, listening, talking and having fun!

Did this stop here? No! We enjoyed a lovely relaxing day going right back to basics. This included baking and crafts, chess and card games.

It was fun, peaceful and nice to put the gadgets away and enjoy the day off together.

Do we feel any difference from this day?

I do definately do, I feel relaxed, refreshed and enjoyed being out with my family. I had a wonderful calm and stressfree day. It is amazing just how much stress technology can cause for all ages.

Would we do it again? Well apparently yes, every Sunday we are going to have some time going back to basics.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and you are ready for your week ahead.

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