Sunday turn everything off!


So it’s Sunday, what would it be like to Just turn your gadget off. Get out, go for a walk, look around, feel the air on your skin.

What would it be like to have some time to relax. Put your gadget down, stop! What are you missing? Look around, feel the air, listen. Just take in what is going on around you!

Why not just put your gadgets away for one day and see what happens for one day.

Will you talk, read, go outside, maybe do something artistic or crafty. Why not do some relaxation, be mindful and do some meditation. Have some time for YOU!

Do something different but put you gadgets away for the day. Take a day off and see what you are actually missing.

How much control do gadgets have over your life, how much of life are you missing?

Today my gadgets are going in a drawer and I am going to see the world. I will keep you posted. Have a good Sunday!

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