Work Rest and Play


How do you keep a healthy balanced schedule? I for one find this difficult to balance sometimes, juggling the work/family life balancing act, especially when things jump out of nowhere. Take this week for instance, I had planned my week with ample balance for work and for me time. Then out of nowhere I am asked to bake a cake for the Macmillan’s cake day for my sons school. Well that just knocked my schedule for six but I knew I would be doing this. Of course I would be doing this. So my only relax day has gone and here I am shopping, baking and decorating.

Do I mind losing my rest day to bake a cake for my sons school? Well less than 24 hours later my son comes home from school beaming from ear to ear and shouting ‘Mum we got second place in the bake off.’ So no I didn’t mind doing that at all.

We all need a work / life balance. Life is too short and we can all miss what is important in life. We can all look back and think I should have taken that path, visited them, made more time or just had more balance.

Enjoy the here and now.

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