Free Initial Consultation



Why do you need an initial consultation?

At Subconscious Healing, we believe that offering a Free initial consultation allows you time to meet the therapist, visit the counselling room and also to discuss the counselling contract.

Why do you need to meet your therapist? In a counselling session you may be opening up emotions that are uncomfortable and hard to deal with. So having a therapist who you feel comfortable with and who you can trust will help make the process more manageable.

At Subconscious Healing we ask you to go away and think about how you feel, are we right for you, maybe you will need to try a different therapist. That is ok, it is your choice, there is no pressure.

The contract, this is basically a confidentiality contract which we both agree to keeping confidentiality within the therapy sessions. This will be explained to you within the initial session. You will also have ample time to ask questions and to talk openly about why you are accessing counselling.

Remember this is your time to choose who is right for you.

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