Too much vs not enough.


One question I am commonly asked with regards to a clients initial contact, ‘What is too much and what is not enough in the first message’. So over a cup of tea I sat and thought about this and yes, I wrote it in a blog to share what I think on this subject.

So I am going to help to break this down for you, give you an idea of what I feel is important, what I feel is handy and what you can put in if you want to.

The initial contact by clients is usually made via telephone email, text or social media.

When the contact is made by telephone this problem doesn’t need to arrise, the counsellor is open to Q&As.

Some clients would rather make their initial contact via messaging or email, this is perfectly fine and I am happy to recieve these.

So let’s look at what is in the message?

OK, it is important to put your name and age (ie adult or child)

It is good to put your availability of when you would like your initial consultation, ie day, evening and over the next week and with some times that you are free.

It is helpful to give to give brief description of why you what you are coming to counselling for. However if you don’t feel comfortable doing this over a message that is perfectly fine.

You can also ask me on the initial message when giving your name if I can call you back to discuss counselling, always remember I may not read this message as soon as you send this. I always reply to messages, texts and emails within 24 hours of receiving.

On a foot note always remember, voice tone cannot be heard in a message.

Please also remember, I may not return my messages as soon as you send them. This may be because I am with a client.

The next step

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