Turning back time


I wish I hadn’t done that. Why did I do that? If only I had of done something different. If only I had chosen better.

How many people wish their past was different, wish that they had rolled a different dice, walked a different path or chosen better.

How many people set that blame on others. If only they hadn’t done that, if they had of been different and so on.

Wouldn’t a crystal ball be amazing to see how the future will evolve. Or even a time machine to go back and alter the past.

If you could, would you make that change? Then what?

Like it or not you are here now, the past is called the past for a reason. That time has pasted. But you can learn from that route that lead you to your destination. Why not take a step back and think about what you have learnt along the way.

Take control of the present, you cannot predict the future but your actions can make a difference.

Have a good day.

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